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I am Charlene - married for 33 years, mom to 5 (one special needs daughter), "Yay-yay" to four grandchildren with one more on the way.


We built our multi-generational, handicap accessible Idaho home and farm about eleven years ago and began with just two dairy goats.


Today I have 25 dairy goats (all are named after flowers), milk them and use their milk for a variety of products that we sell here at our farm and ship nationwide!


We have also added alpacas, Jersey cows, ducks and chickens, plus a few pigs every so often. And one mini-golden doodle who is my shadow!


The farm has not only provided farm fresh food for our own family and customers, it has also provided an opportunity for our daughter to work with me here on the farm. Labels may not always be placed perfectly, but they are put on with love from our Cecily.