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Chilly now, but spring kids are around the corner!

At Meadowlark Heritage Farm, we raise quality registered American Oberhasli and British Guernsey dairy goats.

All of our Oberhasli kids are registered with ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association), and all of our Guernsey kids are registered with BGS (British Goat Society).

We also have a few bred does available for sale.

Our herd is tested negative for CAE/CL and we keep a closed herd. Our babies are all well loved and socialized for pets or packing, in addition to producing wonderful creamy goat milk!

Our Oberhasli lines include: Okanogan Oberhasli, Vanjust, Treasured Sunrise, and Heaven's Hollow.

Our Guernsey lines include: Swind, Treasured Sunrise, Bluecollar, Snowbird, and Worthitfarms.

The wait list is free and we will contact you in the spring, or place a deposit ($50) to secure your pick.


They are ADORABLE!

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