"I am Cecily Grace. My parents tell me that I am a miracle and overcame huge obstacles after arriving three months too early. But I still like to get up early!


My sister-in-law, Sierra, helps me create these joyful flowerpots. Red is my favorite color and bright colors make me happy! Hope they make you smile too." ~Cecily


In spite of Cecily's disabilities, she is sweet, spunky and a joy to be around! She loves crafts and being with her "helpers." My daughter-in-law came up with this idea as a way for Ceicly to share her joy and love of crafts.


Each terracotta flower pot is designed by Cecily. She chooses the colors used. The photos will be updated as quickly as possible as she creates new ones! Stay tuned for some painted flower pots!

CeciGrow Flower Pots