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Testimonals from You!

"I just wanted to let you know that your goat milk is AMAZING!! I had wondered about making kefir with it, and since I was gone last week, I decided to let my grains do their magic and it turned out incredible. I don't think I'll be going back to regular cow milk after this!! Definitely will be back this week!!"  ~K

"Also I had given my sister a bag of your soap shavings for her bath. She came down with Covid and said those things were the most wonderful thing ever! She soaked and soaked when she was feeling crummy. I'm gonna have to come out and buy some more." ~C

"I love this stuff so much. The only moisturizer that I use on my face." ~M

"I wish I had before pictures also, but this is after two days of using goat milk cream on my little one's cradle cap. All cleared up!" ~A

"The charcoal face bar really helped me clear up my acne and make my face happy again! I'm definitely never switching! Please never stop making the charcoal soap!" ~K 

"I was suffering from terrible eczema on my hands for over 10 years before I switched to using your goat milk soap! The harsh ingredients in other soap brands are extremely irritating to my skin. Your goat milk soap is very gentle and cleans so well! Using your product has changed my life. I am so thankful!"  ~K

"Blossom's Milk Bath in a Bag is so wonderful! I have Lyme Disease and everything makes me itch and I am so grateful to have Milk Bath in a Bag!! Milky and so smooth." ~J

"Your stuff is so good, I needed to share with everyone in the office. :)" ~J

"My skin still won't love any other soap. Thank you for always making this!" ~K

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