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Meet our Goats

Our Goats, Our Hands, Our Recipes

Welcome to Meadowlark Heritage Farm! Our goat adventure began in 2011 on our farm in Moscow, Idaho. With family allergies to cows’ milk, we wanted a quality goat milk source. We started with two American registered Oberhasli does that we named Marigold and DaisyMae. 

Today, we have Oberhasli and mini Oberhasli ladies plus Guernsey ladies!  And a couple of "farm special" does that are a combination of breeds ... be warned, breedings CAN happen through a mutual fence! Our farm specials have some fantastic milk lines from a multitude of breeds! And they can be registered in the ADGA experimental herd book.

Most of our goats are named with flower names.  We also have three Oberhasli gentlemen (Epic, Jackson, and Cadeau) and two Geurnsey gentlemen (Kona and Mercury) and three Nigerian Dwarf gentlemen (Mica, Stu, and Orion).
Our herd is closed and disease free. While we do not provide any breeding services, we do sell our bucklings.

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