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Our Story

Meadowlark Heritage Farm began as a lively adventure over a dozen years ago. We desired a life in the rolling hills of the Palouse in northern Idaho. It was a dream that began with two Oberhasli goats, Marigold and DaisyMae.


This dream blossomed into a registered herd of several dozen Guernsey, Oberhasli and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. All are named after flowers! Alpacas, cows, pigs, chickens and ducks soon followed as we expanded our homestead.


We produce a variety of farm fresh products: Raw Goat Milk, Goat Cheese, Eggs, Powdered Raw Goat Milk, Goat Milk Soaps, Goat Milk Lotions & Balms, and Alpaca Fiber and Yarn.


I am Charlene. Married for 35 years to my husband, Keith, mom to six (one special needs daughter) and “Yay-yay” to six grandchildren. I love my goats and my barn has been a respite for me over the years. I have been amazed at my goats’ intuitive and loyal nature. They bring me joy.


Today  I milk my dairy goats and use their milk for a variety of farm fresh products that we sell here at our farm store, farmers markets, stores in Oregon, Idaho, and Utah. Plus, we ship nationwide!


Our goat milk soaps, cremes and balms are handcrafted with quality ingredients, 100% natural. I try to use local products from fellow farmers as much as possible.


Clean, natural, pure, and simple. That is our goal.


The farm has not only provided farm fresh food and products for my own family and customers, it has also provided an opportunity for our daughter with special needs to work with me here on the farm.

Labels may not always be placed perfectly, but they are put on with love from our Cecily Grace.

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