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Circle of Giving

Three years ago a barn fire wiped out a young woman’s herd of Oberhasli goats.

I didn’t know her but could only imagine the heartbreak.

I sent her a message on Facebook offering to give her one of my doelings born that year to help rebuild her herd.

My son, daughter and my husband transported the goat kid one weekend and ... my son was smitten by the lovely young woman who is now my dear beloved daughter-in-law. And this past week the circle of giving came round again. The story is amazing. Stay tuned. Always be willing to give and reach out. Always.

And the story continues … the sun always comes up the next morning. Heartbreaks are always followed by beautiful heartwarming moments.

I choose joy and hope. It’s better that way.

I made inquiries about a wait list for another black, polled Oberhasli, with hopes of finding one in the next year or two.

Lola was rare, that I knew. But I missed seeing her black coat amid the goat herd. I looked for her every time I drove up the driveway.

My daughter-in-law disbanded her surviving goat herd about a year after her devastating barn fire and before marrying my son, all the while keeping in touch with those who had her beloved goats.

She texted me last week: “So I just got off the phone with Marcia. She asked if you wanted Nadia? She’s pregnant. She would be a gift.”


Nadia was a black, polled Oberhasli doe. Just like Lola.

Nadia was turning 4 years old this month. Just like Lola.

And Nadia was pregnant. Just like Lola.

What? A gift for me? Are you serious? I cried.

I asked my daughter-in-law how she felt about it all. Nadia used to be hers. She replied that she would love it and she would get to see one of her babies.

Then she said, “I think it would be a nice, full, complete circle and a lovely integration of our herds.” The circle of giving and a blending of goat herds.

Beauty out of ashes.

Always be willing to give. Reach out.

So we planned a road trip. And there was a twist because, well, just because. Stay tuned. .


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