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Drink Goat Milk? Nope. Not me!

When we first started with goats, it wasn’t because I desperately wanted to drink raw goat milk. Nope. Not at all.

One of our children could not tolerate cow’s milk and had multiple food sensitivities. The goat milk that we bought at the store was “lumpy and gross, mom” according to our child. Well, that doesn’t sound very appetizing.

We had moved out to some land where we had built an accessible home to make life a tad bit easier for our daughter with special needs. And then I thought that we should do something with the land. I wasn’t sure what but started reading. All the homesteading books for beginners. The best book I found on Dairy Goats was, "Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats."

Goats were considered an easier way to ease into livestock. They didn’t cost as much to get started as like a dairy cow. And they certainly were easier to manage!

Have you ever thought about lifting a cow hoof off your boot versus a goat hoof? Having experienced both, I’d much rather have a goat hoof any day!

I wasn’t sure exactly which breed to start with, but people we knew had two young Oberhasli goats that they wanted to sell. So, we became goat farmers. And I fell in love with the Oberhasli breed.

I still wasn’t sure about drinking goat milk … but we bred Marigold and the following season, our first goat kid arrived. Tulip. And milking began.

The milk wasn’t lumpy, and it looked like real milk! Go figure. Our daughter loved it and never wanted the goat milk from the store ever again! It tasted like real milk. No goat-y taste, just fresh goodness.

How good is goat milk?

Stay tuned for the goat milk facts because goat milk is the most complete food known, according to the Journal of American Medicine.


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