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Goat Giveaway!

And the gift keeps giving as we give the gift forward.

Do you know someone 18 and under interested in goats?

The REAL Nadia (go back and read previous posts for the most hilarious, heart-warming story this spring) delivered two beautiful bucklings on March 15, 2020.

We are retaining one and would like to hold a drawing and gift someone the other gorgeous buckling. Currently, both appear to be polled but the verdict is still out on that aspect. YIKES! Just felt horns pop through this afternoon (3/23/20)! He will be disbudded. But he has some wonderful polled genetics running through his veins.

Entry is free and is open to those 18 years and under (parents can enter children as well). Limit one entry per person. This buckling comes from a CAE/CL/Johnnes free farm and his dam was recently tested!

The buckling can be registered with the ADGA by the winner. He is a sweet guy and could be used as a buck or wethered for a pet or a fantastic pack goat.

To enter:

Please submit your name, age, purpose (ie, pet, 4H, show, breeding, homesteading, etc)

and best way to contact you via the link below:

This handsome dude is currently being bottle fed so can leave for his new home as soon as a winner is contacted and arrangements are made. Travel or shipping expenses are the responsibility of the winner.

Winner will be drawn March 31, 2020.

Please share and forward this email to anyone you know who might appreciate this!

Stay tuned ...


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