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I've got my eye on you!

Miss Tansy is a registered American Oberhasli goat.

Goats have amazing eyes; albeit, a bit unusual. So different, in fact, that I actually had one customer ask to purchase a goat with "dark eyes" so her children wouldn't be upset. Unfortunately for her, it is rare for a goat to have dark colored irises.

What is so different? Goats have rectangular-shaped pupils. They are prey animals, not predators. So their pupil shape is rectangular so that their peripheral vision is broad and allows them to see danger approaching from almost 360 degrees. Even when they graze, their eyes remain horizontal to the ground to maintain their peripheral vision in case of danger.

Fascinating to learn how each species is unique! In the meantime, Miss Tansy will keep her eye on you! (Especially if you bring her pretzels!)


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