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Want some grit, bloody fingers and true character development?

“Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries.”. ― James A. Michener

Braided rug's rolling hills ... see them?

As you all know, we’ve been diligently working on a braided wool rug for our new farm store. Hours upon hours have been spent braiding and sewing those braids around and around. We were within two feet of completion.

However, there were some rolling waves upon that rug…our farm is nestled in the rolling hills of the Palouse; however, we did not want the rug to be so authentic.

The hope was that the wool in its telescoping properties would ease down and those rolling waves would settle down into more of a flat prairie-type landscape.

It was not to be.

This morning mom informed my aunt and myself as we showed up to braid and stitch that she had been wrestling in her mind and even dreamt about the rug of many colors the night before. She had the rug all stretched out in her sewing room and those rolling hills just wouldn’t calm down.

Being a special needs mom of a daughter who uses crutches for mobility, uneven floor surfaces are a great concern. But, goodness, undo all that work?

Bloodied fingers and callused hands full of love & life

Yep, mom said, we need to take it out. She continued, we won’t ever really like it if we keep it the way it is. It’s hard being a perfectionist!

She said this as her hands are callused and sore with band aids on bloody fingers from the uncountable hours already spent braiding and stitching this rug.

Then I saw true grit, determination and character. My aunt promptly sat down on the floor, grabbed a seam ripper and began removing the seams, one stitch at a time. Mom grabbed another seam ripper and I found a third.

My aunt asked if mom had bought extra seam rippers just for us. Nope, extra seam rippers leftover from decades of teaching 4-H sewing classes, some were a bit dull.

My aunt then said quietly, "I've had my seam ripper for years and it is still sharp." I burst out laughing. Decades of sister bantering!

On the floor and diligently working

The next three hours were spent in more laughter, (a few snorts as we were laughing so hard!) and more stories told. My aunt sits on the floor just like her grandpa did, my great-grandpa. I was told he was always limber, small in stature but very strong and preferred sitting on the floor, clear up to the end. Now my aunt sits just like him.

Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries. ~James A. Michener

Yes, more character building is happening here and, yes, this wool rug will be stitched again. This time there is a different game plan to create the flat prairie look we desire. No rolling hills for our farm store floor!


We had our first successful Stitch a Tea Towel farm class this month. And we are hosting another one in March! Click on the photo below for all the details. We'd love to see you there!

Here's what one sweet gal wrote us in a thank you note: "I thoroughly enjoyed being in the embroidery class this past weekend, and I want to thank you ~sincerely~ for a job well done! I walked away feeling pampered and full of inspiration to begin projects. Your warm hospitality and kindness is deeply appreciated. “


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