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Would the REAL Nadia Please Stand Up?

Nadia settled in well. I watched her carefully. She would be in quarantine for four weeks to be sure no communicable illness was present. Blood tests were ordered so I had proof she was healthy.

She was lovely, petite and friendly. She popped her head up every time I came into the barn and greeted her by name.

Then… Wednesday morning, I got an early morning text from my daughter-in-law.

“Houston, we have a slight problem.”

I texted back, “I’m afraid to ask, but what’s up?”

“Well, I got a text from Marcia this morning. Turns out Nadia grew. Her growth wasn’t stunted by the fire.”

I couldn’t text fast enough, “What????? We have the wrong goat?”

“Uhm … yeah. That’s Rosie, a super friendly yearling.”

Marcia, the gal who was gifting me Nadia, wasn’t present on Saturday due to an unexpected conflict. She has a large Oberhasli goat herd with only two black goats.

Only two.

We had a 50% chance of getting it right. But that’s not how life goes. At least not usually for us. Are you ready for this?


Rosie, a yearling, came home under the alias of Nadia. I thought she was little but was told her growth was stunted due to the barn fire she survived.

About this time, I’m nervously chuckling out loud. I thought her udder looked tiny but was told she had dam-raised her babies last year. Wowza! Her udder really shrunk right up to nothing!

Well, Rosie’s never been bred let alone nursed anything! She was so friendly too. But we were told that she is the friendliest goat out of the huge herd. No kidding!

But wait, it gets even better.

Marcia, the goat lady gifting me Nadia, doesn’t even own Rosie! She boards her for a guy named Tim.

Seriously! I couldn’t make this stuff up, even if I tried! So, Tim, if you are reading this, I’m truly sorry! Rosie got the royal treatment while she was here.

My husband was dying laughing when I told him. He said I stole a goat! I said I was innocent. He said I even drove the getaway car! Oh, my goodness! But he’s a good guy, he said he would visit me behind bars.

This week I have four goats ready to kid. My husband said he didn’t kid goats so he would make the 700 mile round trip into coronavirus land and back again to exchange goats.

I didn’t want to tell him that the real Nadia is due to kid March 16th! He could end up assisting with a roadside goat kidding!

And, folks, it just keeps getting better. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, would the REAL Nadia please stand up?


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