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Meadowlark Heritage’s facial serum is a carefully formulated mixture of organic oils and essential oils to bring multiple benefits to your skin.  Apply it to your face, neck and decolletage. These areas are extra prone to sun exposure and premature aging. 


100% Organic Ingredients

Oils of Argan, Jojoba, Carrot Seed, Camillia Seed, Vitamin E, Lavender, and Frankincense.


Suggested use is 3-4 drops applied at night after cleansing and moisturizing. Or some like to use this serum as their moisturizer. Your skin, your preference.


Argan Oil contains high levels of vitamin E and fatty acids.  Its anti-oxidant effect makes argan oil the ideal anti-aging product. It restores elasticity and leaves skin feeling plumper and softer.


Jojoba Oil absorbs well into the skin, similar to our own skin oils and helps to creates a barrier from every day elements. At least one clinical trial indicates that jojoba oil can help fight acne. Jojoba oil has soothing anti-inflammatory agents, healing properties, is moisturizing, and is a natural antimicrobial.


Carrot Seed Oil can improve skin tone, elasticity, and general skin health. It is calming and appropriate for irritated skin. It also assists in removing toxin and water build up in the skin giving it a fresher more firmer appearance.


Camillia Seed Oil also helps retain moisture and also helps create a barrier again environmental pollutants.


Lavender Oil  is relaxing and can also be beneficial for your skin as it is a natural anti-inflamatory ingredient.


Vitamin E is high in antioxidants and promotes blood circulation.


Frankincense can help rejuvenate the skin and promotes the natural healing of wounds and cuts as well. Frankincense is my personal favorite ingredient in this serum! It is a very expensive essential oil but, oh, so worth it!

Facial Serum

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