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2024 Circle of Giving is NOW!

And the gift keeps giving as we give the gift forward for the fifth year in a row. We've been so blessed to meet wonderfully kind people through this every single year.

Don't know what our Circle of Giving is? Go back and read the story of Lola, Nadia, and the real Nadia. It is a heartwarming, joy after sadness, hilarious story of our farm when the circle of giving was made complete for our goat herd. Now we pass along the gift to one of you!

It's a Goat Giveaway! Do you know someone 18 and under interested in goats? We will be giving away one of our goat kids this year. It could be one of three breeds: Oberhasli, Mini Oberhasli, or a Mini Guernsey. It might be a doeling or a buckling.

Entry is free and is open to those 18 years and under (parents can enter children as well). Limit one entry per person. Our goat herd is CAE/CL/Johnnes free.

Our goat kids are bottle fed so can leave for their new home as soon as a winner is contacted and arrangements are made. Travel or shipping expenses are the responsibility of the winner.

To enter:

Please submit your name, age, purpose (ie, pet, 4H, show, breeding, homesteading, etc)

and best way to contact you by sending me an email:

Winner will be drawn by March 31, 2024.

Please share and forward this post to anyone you know who might appreciate this!


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