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36 years of marriage and New Goats, not Silver or Gold

Yep. Today is our anniversary. Yep, I bought two new goats. Yep. My husband loves me and puts up with a lot. I love him. Why did I buy more goats? The well, or rather, the udders are not keeping up with our customers' demands, let alone our needs for our goat milk soaps, or our own consumption.

Why is goat milk becoming more popular than every before?

Goat milk continues to prove its ability to be easily digested while having lower levels of lactose than cow milk and a higher bioavailability of some minerals than cow milk. Many are finding goat milk to be a good alternative for infant formula. We fed our youngest our goat milk (with some supplements added when he was an infant) and he thrived. I also believe that people want to know exactly where their food is coming from and its fun knowing you are helping to support a small local farm business. This family sure does appreciate it.

Our wait list for our goat milk keeps growing and I've only freeze dried so much goat milk to get our own Little Farmer through the winter.

So today I brought home two new goats after searching and searching. Winter is NOT the time to buy a goat in milk! I know that. However, we needed more goat milk. The beautiful does I found are Nigerian Dwarf goats. One is a dry yearling who I will breed with one of our Nigerian Dwarf bucks as soon as I can. The other is a doe in full milk. I will breed her as well but we are milking her right away. The seller had all the paperwork for registration, biotesting/biosecurity, milk records and dates of last heat cycles. She was the ideal goat seller and has set the standard high in my eyes. Oh, both goats just had their hooves trimmed and their copper boluses given. See what I mean? The seller was so good! Such excellent animal husbandry.

Meet Arya and Touey:

See? Told you they are beautiful! And, oh so soft. I'm already smitten. It will take a few days for them to settle in and adjust to a new barn, new goat friends, new humans and new milking schedule. But I think they will do just fine.

In the meantime, we are continuing to breed more goats this season to increase our milk production. It's going to be a busy kidding season. We will have Guernsey, Oberhasli, Nigerian Dwarf and mini Guernseys & mini Oberhasli kids available this spring.

And, yes, we will continue with our Circle of Giving Goat Kid Giveaway, but not for another month or so. So stay tuned.

And, if you aren't on our milk wait list but want to be, now is the time to sign up.

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Those girls are so pretty! They remind me of some males my family and I adopted a few years back and we didn't know what type of breed they were 😅 maybe they were Nigerian Dwarf Goats!! 🐐

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These girls are beautiful and have some sweet personalities to match! I'm so thankful for them. Perhaps you, too, had Nigerian Dwarf goats!

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