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Grateful for Every Inch of Snow We Receive, Why You Should be too!

As I was tempted to complain about our intense winter weather the past few weeks, my daughter-in-law explained it so well as to why we need to be thankful for every inch of snow!

Sierra said, "While we are in the midst of winter snow storms, here is a reminder why the snowfall and accumulation is so important.

This is a five gallon bucket full of powder snow. Fourteen inches of snow melted down to four inches of water!

When I say we need to shoot for 50"-70" of snowfall over a winter, it literally is the rough equivalent of only 14"-20" of rainfall. Granted, "wet" snow would melt down into more water.

However, as we look past the wet and cold of winter into the summer grazing, hay, and fire season, this is the importance of a good snowfall.

I know may are tired of the cold and snow, but I am grateful for every inch we get!"

Thank you for describing it so well, Sierra. I absolutely agree and will rejoice during any snowfall we get the remainder of this winter.


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